Congratulations! You have been nominated for best gifs in the Grey’s Anatomy Blog Awards 2014. Voting takes place until 01/06 and winners will be announced on 02/06. Good luck!

Oh my god, what? I was not expecting this at all… I feel horrible because I haven’t had the time to be active on this blog at all this year. I really need to pick myself up, and this is a lovely surprise that someone still remembers my existence! This year, and I say this with all honesty, I am honored even to be nominated!

I made my first GIf yesterday. I'll be working on another gif in PS CS6, but eventually when I preview/save the gif only the first frame shows/works in the gif. It's really annoying and I don't know what I'm doing? Or, the frames do change but like 10 of the 100 show and it just skips?

I don’t really understand, but for what I do understand, you’re sayin you have 100 frames? If that’s so, it’s way too many, it won’t work on tumblr at least

Dr. Bailey tried to stop the bleeding, but because she’s been starving herself and overtraining,  her heart couldn’t take the strain.

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