hi :) sorry to bother you, but I was wondering if you'd want any help keeping this blog updated and posting gifsets on it and stuff? like a co-owner or something. if not, that's totally fine!


Hi! You’re no bother at all sweetie! But yes, it would definitely be a lot more efficient, and pleasant for my followers since lately I have been really not on my game with this blog… Unfortunately though, I’m a massive perfectionist and a control freak, so it’d be super difficult for me to give away some of the total control I have over this blog. So right now, I’m not looking for a co-owner, however, it is very likely that I go on a hunt for one when school starts again, because it’d be really fair for all the lovely people that follow this blog to have it updated regularly. 

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Congratulations! You have been nominated for best gifs in the Grey’s Anatomy Blog Awards 2014. Voting takes place until 01/06 and winners will be announced on 02/06. Good luck!

Oh my god, what? I was not expecting this at all… I feel horrible because I haven’t had the time to be active on this blog at all this year. I really need to pick myself up, and this is a lovely surprise that someone still remembers my existence! This year, and I say this with all honesty, I am honored even to be nominated!

I made my first GIf yesterday. I'll be working on another gif in PS CS6, but eventually when I preview/save the gif only the first frame shows/works in the gif. It's really annoying and I don't know what I'm doing? Or, the frames do change but like 10 of the 100 show and it just skips?

I don’t really understand, but for what I do understand, you’re sayin you have 100 frames? If that’s so, it’s way too many, it won’t work on tumblr at least

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