Dr. Bailey tried to stop the bleeding, but because she’s been starving herself and overtraining,  her heart couldn’t take the strain.

Can I say your blog is the first Grey's Anatomy blog that I actually like. I've been looking or reading it for a while now and you have yet to disappoint me. So, thank you. :) You're amazing! :D


Aww, this is no nice, thank you so much! I’m glad I haven’t yet disappointed you, haha. You too, my friend, are amazing

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Hi there! I have absolutely loved your blog from the beginning! Your gifs are perfection. Have a wonderful day :)

Thank you for being there! And you have an awesome day too

best greys blog

Thank you! I really appreciate that :)

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what do you look like?


Pretty close to something humanlike, I think

Everyone did a Christmas follow forever so I decided to do an End of the Year follow forever because I wanted to be original. Keep in mind, I might not put your name or url on here, but that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate what you do. All of you are fantastic people. I love everyone I follow.

These are the people who have made tumblr like home for me: Court, Carla, Mari, Bri

As you can see, I don’t have very many friends.

But these are the amazing blogs I follow that I haven’t got to make friends with:

a-m: addiealexander,addisonmontgomery, addizona,always-a-pleasure, angiesasha, bitchscaresme, bloodydifficult, detectivemcgeek,detectiverizzolis, ferryb0ats, guardianrock, gettingdesperate, gifsanatomy, j0wilson, jenmorrisons, karevil, lanasregal, mauradortheaisles, mondlers, morrillass, motionless-dream

n-z: naomigocke, ohmygreys, ohmyparrilla, parrillana, perryparrilla, reginamlls, reginaregal, rubielucas, saraelenaramirez, saramirez, woolgrill


Thank you so much darling! 

everything-greys. tumblr. com/ post/ 71885885650/ - im pretty sure this one is yours

Yea, seems that it is and there’s a lot more of my stuff too … I scrolled through their blog some bit and looks that everything they post is someone else’s work. There’s a lot of blogs like these, sucks, but I don’t really know what to do about them.

EDIT: Oh and apparently they really don’t even grasp the idea since they refer to these stolen reposts as their work…

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